Ready to Produce your Podcast? I'll show you exactly how to do it all the Pretty Simple Podcast Way!

Learn How to Create, Produce, & Publish Your Podcast, Create Binge-Worthy Content, and Turn Your Listeners into Buyers!


P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?

Want to sample some of the course content? Here's a clip from episode 3 of the Pretty Simple Podcast Show where we talk about How to Create Your Podcast Focus & Structure Your Show:

Meet Kierra, Host of the Productive Boss Podcast

Before enrolling in Pretty Simple Podcast, I was feeling unsure about whether or not I could pull it off. The whole process seemed so intimidating.

My biggest concern was that it was going to take forever to launch the podcast, but PSP broke the whole thing down step by step making it super "simple" to move through the modules and get things done.

As a result, I was able to go from no podcast at all to a brand new, 3-episode, well-branded podcast in less than a month! Since then, not even a year later, my show has been downloaded 7,000 times!

The scripts and show outlines were helpful and the quick tutorial on editing in Audacity was perfect! Just what I needed to edit videos on my own.

If you're thinking about enrolling in Pretty Simple Podcast, believe me when I say it is worth the investment. Here's your permission slip to get off the fence. You won't regret it.

- KIerra Asnauskas of
Miss Unconventional and Host of the Productive Boss Podcast

Everything you need to create and launch an incredible, high-quality, binge-worthy podcast is waiting for you!


All prices are in USD. Due to the instant access & digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.

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Who's behind this course?

Oh Hai! I'm Sarah Steckler! Host of the Mindful Productivity Podcast with over 400,000+ downloads and growing! I've been running and producing my own podcast since 2018 with over 200 episodes that people are binging and coming back to each and every week!

Over the years I've learned a LOT about podcasting, what works, how to make tech so much easier, how to turn listeners into buyers, and how to pro your podcast without breaking the bank.

You too, can make your voice sound buttery smooth and high quality all while changing the world one episode at a time! Come join me inside Pretty Simpe Podcast and I'll show you how!

Questions You Might Have:

When will I get access to materials and for how long?

All Course Materials are available INSTANTLY for your binge-learning pleasure! You'll get lifetime access to all course materials to go through and reference again and again (and again).

What makes this podcast course different from the rest?

Ever notice that many courses make promises showing you how to do things and then leave out key details and micro-steps when it comes to tech that leaves you having to bug them or feeling frustrating that you're not "catching on" fast enough? Yeah, I don't roll like that. I've done every single tech-related thing in my business for 5 years now. I know how to fix things, create backend integrations, and fix tech issues FAST.

Inside all of my courses I provide you with the most detailed and hands-on tech tutorials. You'll never be left asking yourself "wait, where the $%&@ did she just click?!" or "what step did I miss for that?" - In fact, I bet you you'll be blown away by how much detail and over-the-top value I provide for you beyond your expectations!

Plus you won't find my unique workflow templates, content ideas, and streamlined processes anywhere else!

How is this course structured??

This is a self-paced DIY course with everything you need to take your podcast idea and turn it into a real, professional, and binge-worthy podcast on every major Podcasting Platform! I provide detailed information in videos, screenshots, and audio lessons in the bonus podcast to walk you through everything!

Does this course come with a Private Community where I can ask questions?

YES! This course includes access to our Private Facebook Community for support from Sarah and accountability with other students. This course does NOT include direct coaching from Sarah in a 1:1 capacity. You will also be able to ask questions, leave comments, and share your progress in the Private BONUS Pretty Simple Podcast Show listening app! I will also be producing episodes answering your questions and providing updates as more students go through the course! (I know, a podcast about creating your podcast, but seriously, you're going to LOVE it!)

I am mega overwhelmed by tech. What happens if I run into issues getting my podcast live?

I have full confidence that all of the materials, resources, and tutorials I will provide will get you where you need to be faster than if you did this alone. However, if you run into a roadblock, you can always message me inside our private support community and we'll make sure we get things sorted out in a timely fashion. Your success is my mission!

I really want to start a podcast but I am SO nervous & overwhelmed! Can you help?

Believe me, I get it. When I was in 8th grade our teacher made us do these speech presentations in front of the entire class. Our first assignment was to get up and do an improvised 60-second speech on a topic we'd draw from a hat. I walked up there, pulled "basketball" and thought it would be a piece of cake but after 10 seconds of speaking, I froze and spent the remaining 50 seconds starring at my classmates in panicked silence 😨 as my face continued to turn lobster red.

Podcasting is amazing because you get to practice and increase your confidence without having to be in front of a live audience. It's not about being perfect, either. The majority of the reviews on my podcast rave about how "real, raw, and authentic" I am because I'm not trying to be some hotshot, I'm just on a mission to get my message out.

If you decide to join me inside this course, you'll also get access to my new Pretty Simple Podcast, Podcast (not sure how else to word that) where I'll walk you through key mindsets and considerations to make your show as unique and wonderful as you!

I've heard I need an audience before I start a podcast. If I'm just starting out, should I wait?

Excuse my "profamity" but that's a bunch of bullshit! I've heard that, too from some "big wigs" in the industry but to me, that's backward thinking. In fact, it wasn't until I started my podcast in 2018 that I started to really grow my business, engage more with my audience, and gain more notoriety. No one tells you to hold off on blogging until you've "made it" - podcasting is NO different! Let's do the thing!

What tech will we be using? Will I need to invest in a $200 microphone?

As always, you are free to use any tools you wish but inside PSP, I'll be giving you specific tutorials and walkthroughs with the same software and tools I use that I trust.

When it comes to hosting your podcast, we'll be using BuzzSprout. You can host your podcast with them for free for 90 days or their lowest plan starts at $12/mo. When it comes to creating your podcast image, we'll use Canva. For editing audio, we'll use a free software tool called Audacity (that works on both Windows and Mac).

I'll show you how you can use a professional microphone or even your phone to record high-quality audio and we'll explore other mic options. If you are worried about shipping delays with everything going on right now for your microphone I'll show you solid ways to get started with what you have! I'll show you how I use AcuityScheduling to streamline guests on my show. And I'll walk you through setting up a podcast page and scheduling your show notes on SquareSpace. (Many of these tips, tutorials, and strategies will also be effective on WordPress, etc).

Something else?


Ready to Rock your Podcast?! JOIN ME NOW!

I can't wait to help you discover how easy, seamless, exciting, and JOY-PRODUCING podcasting can be! All while serving your audience and turning listeners into buyers!


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As a business owner and voice within the online community, it is my commitment to make it clear to you where I stand and most importantly what the mission of this business stands FOR.

I stand in solidarity and for racial justice for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and am committed to being an inclusive, anti-racist organization.

I stand for LGBTQ+ Equality.

I stand for environmental justice.

I value neurodiversity & recognize the differences in how we all learn, communicate, and function as humans.

For more details on where this business (and business owner) stands, read the full page here.