Join us for 6 days of mini trainings from 29 incredible speakers to help you stay focused, get organized, and be more productive in your life and business!

During Productivity & Planning Week You'll Learn Key Skills and Strategies to better manage your energy, setup systems, and use productivity tools to streamline your business with more ease and efficiency.

5 Reasons to Attend

You're busy and your time is valuable. We respect that. Which is why this event is happening a bit differently. Here's what we're about:


Actionable Mini Trainings

Every Training during Event Week is only 10-30 Minutes long! This means no frustrating hour-long webinars you'll have to miss because of scheduling issues. Watch at your pace on your schedule.


6 Full Days of On-Demand Access

We're not doing that thing where a training drops and you only have 3 hours to watch it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy learning without the stress or fake fomo.


Closed Captions & Transcripts

All video trainings will include Closed Captions and written transcripts so you can listen, watch, and/or read in the way that works best for you, your brain, and your learning style.


Notion Templates & Resources

Inside Event Week you'll find Notion Templates to keep track of your progress & connect with speakers


Created by Amazing Humans

Not afraid to brag about this one. Productivity & Planning Week is especially awesome because of the incredible humans that agreed to be a part of it. Speaking of, allow me to introduce you to them! ⬇️

Join Us for an Event Week all about Mindful Productivity

View Training Topics & Meet the Speakers! 🔥

5 Powerful Mindset Shifts That Will Actually Skyrocket Your Productivity

How to Setup a Simple Life Dash in Notion Step-by-Step

How to use the SMART Framework to Build Your Business

Scaling 101: 5 Components to Scaling Your Business Successfully

How to use Ritual + the Lunar Cycle for Productivity + Self-Care

Creating a Sustainable Morning Routine

Productive CEO: Do Less, Achieve More, And Be A Thriving Leader

Journaling & Creativity for Slowing Down and Restorative Refocus

How to Harness Your Weekly Run/Walk for Reflection and Goal Setting in Your Life and Biz

Reconnect With Your Biz with the 5 Areas of Self Care

Mindful Meal Planning: Maximize Your Energetic Output to Plan Your Meals

Hype Yourself Up With The Power Of Your Intuition

Mapping Out Focus Projects in Your Business

How to C.O.N.Q.U.E.R. Your Chaotic Schedule

How I use Goal Setting Strategies to get things done while avoiding distractions & burnout

You're Not Failing: Psychology Strategies to Combat Self-Doubt

Yes And’ing Your Feelings as Fuel

Making Space for Creativity and Intuition in Your Planning Ritual

How to Gather Your Magnetic Messaging Ideas

Systems & Time Management Optimization: Never Forget a Big Deadline again

Planning By The Moon: Using Your Intuition & Journaling To Plan Your Business

The 4 Power Systems to Optimize Your Productivity

3 Secrets to Creating Achievable Goals

Three Mindful Writing Practices for Self-Renewal

Finding your ADHD Flow: How to sustain energy, productivity, and motivation

ClickUp 101: How To Streamline Your Business Productivity

How to Overcome Procrastination and Perfectionism in your Life & Biz

How to Harness the Energy of the Moon for More Alignment and and Flow in Your Business and Life

5 Ways I Find Balance Between Life and Biz

4 Ways to Use Google Workspace to Organize & Grow Your Business

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  • On-Demand Access to All Trainings and Materials Starting March 14th
  • 6 Days of Access to All Trainings and Materials to Watch, Learn, and Implement on Your Schedule
  • Closed Captions & Transcripts provided for all trainings
  • Notion Templates to keep track of your progress & connect with speakers
  • Private Event Facebook Group to meet your peers and continue the conversation around topics