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📊 2022 Energy Driver Habit Tracker

Ready to see key real-time insights on your daily actions? Learn how to identify the four pillars of your energy drivers and see your daily habits come to life.

Track your actions, and gain valuable insights into your habit patterns. This data will change the way you see what you do.

Digital 💜 Mindful Productivity Guide Undated Planner & 🧠 Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book ($24 Value)

Plan your goals and make them happen by decluttering your brain and using mindful productivity strategies to organize your projects! Planners are digital and can be used on an iPad or tablet with GoodNotes , Notability, and most note-taking apps.

💕 Self-Love Made Easy Mini Course by Sara Katherine ($29 Value)

A self-paced mini-course created to help you build your self-esteem and start loving yourself again, in three easy steps!

🌕 Planning by The Moon Workshop by Melanie Knights ($65 Value)

Join me, and a group of creative, empathic and spiritual entrepreneurs as we challenge the status quo of planning in online business. We will be meeting at the intersection of strategy, spirituality and self inquiry, embracing both the data driven aspects of business with our soul driven purpose. We will come together to map out your business for this season in this 2-hour zoom workshop!

🥗 Meal Planning Momentum Mini Course by Jenny Eden Berk ($37 Value)

What it includes:

  • Grocery Store Inventory spreadsheet
  • My best fridge organization tools
  • My favorite kitchen gadgets
  • Ultimate Meal Kit Services Resource Bundle
  • The Sweet Spot of Nutrition Workbook AND Recipe bundle on easy dips, sauces and condiments.

🌙 Lunar Self-Care Mini-Course by Simone Samuels ($35 Value)

Learn how to overcome overwhelm, beat the burnout and have endless energy by harnessing the energy of the Moon and integrating lunar self-care practices into your everyday life. Every day for 5 days, you will receive an email with a video from me, an accompanying workbook and bonus resources to support you. After the five days, you will: - know how to integrate lunar self-care into your daily routine in a nourishing way so that you can have more energy without the stress - learn valuable tools for practicing lunar self-care and making it a priority every day - discover how to harness the power of the Moon's 8 phases to your advantage - find out how to use the lunar phase energies to impact your life in a positive way

🔮 New Moon Healing Circle by Cait Byrnes ($46 Value)

Wanna learn how to use the magic of the lunar cycle to feel less stressed and more productive in just 1 hour? The New Moon Healing Circle online workshop is a one-hour party (April 1st at 6PM EST) meets meditation meets ritual where you’ll learn more about the current astrological forecast and how to use it in your wellness practices and business. Plus! We’ll be doing a healing meditation and journaling ritual right on the call so your intentions are set and ready for the next month. (Replay will be provided).

🌳 A Digital Workbook for Reflection and Goal Setting in Your Life and Biz by Emily Mortensen ($12 Value)

This workbook has multiple therapy related activities for reflection and goal setting including: a visual self-care check-in, a value sorting exercise, and some fun visualization questions for processing the past week. This 9-page PDF has colors, emojis, and free writing pages that will help you take a mental step back, and make some room for what is important to you.

🖥 Productive CEO Toolkit by Carin Kilby Clark ($27 Value)

Productive CEO is a business productivity toolkit that helps you get more done. It has everything you need to be productive, including apps, tools, and resources. From goal setting and time tracking to task management, this fill-in-the-blank system gives you everything you need to get more done in less time.

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