Build a Better Business Budget

Easily organize & track your online business income & expenses, predict your profit & forecast your income with the Google Sheet System & Companion Budget Book you can setup in under an hour!

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What if tracking your income and expenses in your business was simple, beautiful, and fun?
Join me inside Better Business Budget and get instant access to a digital and paper planning system that works for you no matter your preference!  

Build a Better Business Budget

Instant Access to the 139 page Better Business Budget Book: An Online Entrepreneur's Guide for Identifying Profit Producers & Tracking Course and Product Sales

Included in this PDF:

  • Monthly Recurring Expenses Page
  • Annual Expenses Page
  • Course, Tools, & Resources Reference Sheet
  • Annual Review at a Glance Spread with space for Total Income, Total Expenses, Net Profit, Tax Savings, & What YOU are paid
  • 4 Profit Producers Worksheet Pages
  • Predict Your Profit Method Pages
  • Annual Product Sales Review
  • 12 Monthly Income Ledger Sections
  • 12 Monthly Expense Ledger Sections
  • 12 Quote Pages to get your Money Mindset right
  • List Pages in the back

Build a Better Business Budget

Map Out & Define Your Profit Producers

Use the Predict Your Profit Method to Forecast Your Income and Crush Your Sales Goals

Easily Track Your Expenses, Mark the Payment Account, and Stay on Top of Due Dates

Track Your Product, Course, or Digital Product Sales

Remember the power of your Money Mindset with Monthly Quotes to keep you inspired

Write down your Monthly and Annual Recurring Expenses

Meet Sarah.

Oh hai, friend! The first two years of my business I stalled and didn't stay consistent tracking my business income and expenses which led to stress around tax time and really crushed my money-making opportunities.

Speaking from experience here, avoiding the money part of your business WILL hurt your business.

Knowing what you're making, when, what you're spending, and why is CRUCIAL to overcoming limiting money beliefs and charging what your products and services are worth.

If you're new to me, I'm Sarah Steckler! I"m a Productivity Strategist for online entrepreneurs and I help business owners organize their business, produce epic podcasts, and publish amazing journals and planners in 60 days or less!

I believe that staying mindful within our business and making time to slow down and relax is just as important as doing the hard stuff. Every Monday you can find me hosting the Mindful Productivity Podcast anywhere podcasts are found sharing actionable and motivating advice, strategies, and perspectives to help you get out of your own way.

If you're looking at this sales page going "yikes, I haven't even opened up my Stripe or PayPal account in weeks" then I encourage you to enroll and get started. This course is fun, easy, and only has a few videos meaning you can get started ASAP and use all of the tools I have for you without hours of wasted time.

Why not start right now?


Build a Better Business Budget

Included When You Enroll:

  • Complete GoogleSheet Template with tabs for Recurring Expenses, Predict Your Profit Method, Income Tracker, Expense Tracker, Income Overview, Expense Overview, Annual Overview & Tax Savings that you can use again and again year after year
  • 17-Minute Video Training on how to use the Better Business Budget System
  • 139 Page Better Business Budget Book (Printable PDF) for those who prefer paper planning
  • BONUS Training: How to Account for Transaction fees from Stripe & PayPal in your Expense and Income Ledgers

All prices are in USD. There are no refunds.

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When will I get access to course materials?

You'll get instant access to all course materials within minutes of enrolling (sometimes it can take the interweb magic up to 15 minutes to turn all the gears). After you enroll you'll receive an email confirmation with your login credentials for my membership site. The course will have the link to copy your GoogleSheet, the PDF download, and all materials and video training.

How long will I have access to course materials?

You will have lifetime access to all course materials. There's no expiration or deadline to use them but I recommend using them ASAP because they will revolutionize the way you budget in your biz!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature and instant access to all materials, I do not offer refunds.

Does this course come with additional support like a Facebook Group or access to Sarah?

No. There is a place in the course to ask questions and as always, if you have technical issues or don't have access to course materials you paid for, shoot me an email at and we'll get it solved as soon as possible!

I don't know how to use spreadsheets and I hate tech stuff, is this still for me?

If you can enter data, this GoogleSheet will change the game for your business with the data it provides. Everything is already done for you, just sit back, make your money, and track it all inside the system :) I show you how step-by-step.


*This course and system is NOT for you if you're looking for a CPA, or for financial, legal, or tax advice.

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