The 2024Energy Driver & Habit Tracker is here!

Ready to see key real-time insights on your daily actions? Learn how to identify the four pillars of your energy drivers and see your daily habits come to life.

Track your actions, and gain valuable insights into your habit patterns. This data will change the way you see what you do.


Why Digital Habit Trackers are Powerful

Paper Habit Trackers are amazing but they don't auto-calculate your data and show you awesome graphs right before your eyes!

🖥 Effective Design & Visuals

Easily see your month-at-a-glance along with charts and graphs all on one page. Avoid annoying tab-switching and see what you need all at once.

📊 Powered in Google Sheets

Instantly Access your Energy Driver & Habit Tracker in Google Sheets!

☕️ On-the-Go Access

Access your Digital Tracker in the cloud, on the go, on your phone, anywhere. Never miss an opportunity to mark your habit complete no matter where you are or what you're taking action on!

📆 Monthly Trackers for 2024

12 Dated Months of Habit Trackers hand-created by yours truly while I drank Martinelli's and listened to deadmau5.

✅ Habit Tracking that Makes Sense

Multiple options give you the ability to mark a daily action as 100%, Almost Completed, or Did Not Do. Because you're life isn't black and white.

✍️ Habit Performance Metrics

Eye-catching colors and charts show you which habits you're crushing and which ones need your attention throughout the month!

⏰ Calculate Your Daily Time

Identify your core actions for the day, when you will complete them (morning, afternoon, or evening), select how long each one will take, and instantly see how much time you'll need throughout the day to accomplish them.

⛅️ Highlight Consistent Days

For some reason, you might be on FIRE 🔥 on Thursdays but struggle on Sundays. Key data points show you trends in your habit actions and which days you're consistent.

🏝 Access Anywhere!

Track your progress and see your real-time metrics on your desktop or on-the-go on your phone or tablet!

About Sarah

I'm Sarah Steckler and I'm a Productivity Strategist! I help online business owners get organized and break down their creative ideas into focus projects so they can maximize impact and minimize burnout. Learn more by tuning into the Mindful Productivity Podcast every Monday! Available anywhere podcasts are found.

— Sarah Steckler

What's Included:

  • Video Tutorial: Learn how to Identify the 4 Core Pillars of your Daily Habits & Energy Drivers & Setup Your Spreadsheet
  • Energy Driver & Habit Tracker Spreadsheet (via GoogleSheets) with 12 Dated Months to track your habits throughout the year. *Includes November & December 2023 + All of 2024!
  • Each Monthly Section Includes: 4 Habit-Performance Charts/Graphs, Best Days of The Week, Best Performing Habits & Actions

Identify Your Core Energy Drivers & Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Habit Patterns!

Get Instant Access to your Habit Tracker & video tutorial to walk you through setup in minutes! You'll learn valuable insights into how you can identify the four pillars of your energy drivers.

$27 $9

This took me 55+ hours to create! It was a true labor of love! I hope you enjoy it 🥰


*Product Purchase includes 1 year of access (Until December 31st 2024) to course materials.* Once you make a copy of your GoogleSheet, it's yours to keep indefinitely.